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With most patented technologies than any other competence, Awesome Hydrovacs is the most competent and efficient company in the market. AHV is committed to change for the better, where standards in service, convenience and quality, alongside our responsibility to the environment, are paramount. By develop on its assets, AHV creates value-adding services that bring real benefits to its clients: innovative methodologies, creative and customized solutions, dedicated innovation teams, and more… A raft of initiatives that maintain a culture of constant innovation within our teams. We were the first, now we are simply the best.


Awesome Hydrovacs meet the challenges of Industry. We have the ability to manufacture customized AHVs according to each client. AHV's Engineering Department has a superb staff of engineers with many years experience in the field. Our exclusive software enables us to accurately design equipment based on the customer’s particular application. AHV is dedicated to providing products and services, which meet or exceed our Customer’s Specifications and Industry Standards.


We believe in excellence. Our wide range of services are all met with the same in-depth expertise. Excellence also means being able to combine them seamlessly.

From the engineer and designers behind today’s benchmark technology and Hydrovacs, comes the latest innovation and hydro excavating of delicate infrastructures “The Awesome Hydrovacs 2-T”.
The 2-T is a precise and safe excavation tool, using simplicity is a key component driving both the technology and the user friendly interface to assist with maneuverability and the Department of Transportation is changing demand the 2-T is build shorter, lighter and quieter that any other comparable size Hydrovac on the market today. But don’t let its size fool you, the patented log former tank design is able to do something no other hydrovac this size can do, transport a payload of 10 cubic yards of debris, the modular design of the awesome hydrovac allows easy access to the engine, water pump, boiler assembly, tanks and all other components.



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